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Git-based page histories v2.1.1

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Just like what VueUse documentations site has, wouldn't a Git-based page histories be a great feature for your VitePress site?

Documentations engineering is a process of continuous improvement.

Most advanced content management systems, like those used by operating systems and knowledge bases (e.g., Wikipedia, Notion, Confluence, Outline), track the timestamp of the last edit on files and pages. Documenting the evolution of your content is crucial—it informs users of the most recent updates and identifies the contributors responsible for those changes. Including a changelog and a list of contributors is essential for transparency and acknowledgment.

Enter the @nolebase/vitepress-plugin-git-changelog plugin. It's a tool that generates changelogs and contributor lists, seamlessly integrating them into your VitePress site.

It harnesses the robust capabilities of git—a staple for developers, technical writers, and documentation specialists—to maintain a comprehensive log of revisions.

No need to setup and pay for additional databases, preparing operating systems, or subscribe to online services. Git logs are all you need.

Curious to see this feature in use? Try click Contributors and File History! 🚀


Git logs are all you need. No service fees, online databases, or additional setup required.
Build-time generation of changelog and contributors sections
Instantly fast and reliable
Customizable to configure author name alias, email alias, display name mapping, etc.
Natively compatible with VitePress design
Follow the i18n guidelines of Nolebase Integrations
Best practices of a11y

Live use cases?

Yes for sure!


It is not that much easy and straightforward to install this plugin into your VitePress project. Luckily, we wrote good documentations! Please follow the steps under Getting started page.


Git-based page histories plugin comes with many options to customize, including contributors info, and display texts! To learn more, please read Configuration page.